Fickle Feline

$78.00 + free shipping
Talk about spoiled for choice! If you just can’t make up your mind and decide on one cheesecake, we completely understand. That’s why we’ve got our Fickle Feline on hand to save the day!

Back by popular demand, but now alcohol-free for all ages to enjoy! Comprising 10 slices of gourmet cheesecake, each one a completely different flavour from the next, this colourful amalgamation promises to satisfy all lust for variety. Re-introducing to you the Fickle Feline - 10 delicious flavours in one cheesecake for your indulgence, this is the ultimate cheesecake smorgasbord with something for everyone – and we do mean everyone.

A delight of 10 slices of cheese cakes comprising different flavours:

- (Lemon and Yuzu)
- (Oreo Cookies & Cream
- (New York Classic)
- (Sweet Strawberry)
- (Coffee & Tea)
- (Salted Caramel)
- (Tiramisu)
- (Luxurious Yoghurt)
- (Juicy Mango)
- (Luscious Lychee)

Size: Approximately 7" and 18cm / 1.1kg / 10 slices

As of 10 November 2019, all of Cat & the Fiddle cheesecakes are officially Halal-certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS).

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