the Blueberry Bliss

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Our blueberry cheesecake finds a harmonic balance between the tangy taste of blueberries and the rich texture of cream cheese. If you are looking for some adventurous flavours in Singapore, you should give our blueberry cake a try!

The Voter’s Choice blueberry cheesecake with luscious Canadian blueberries.

Nothing makes us happier than making you happy, so when you asked for a blueberry cheesecake, how could we not acquiesce? Our blueberry cheesecake is jam-packed with lots of blueberries so there’s no way you can miss their sweet yet tart nuances. Our velvety cream cheese is brightened here with pretty swirls of ripe Canadian blueberry mousse through it, and covered with a glossy layer of blueberry glaze.

Approximately 7" and 18cm / 900g / 10 slices