the Coffee & Tea

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Are you a coffee and a tea lover? If you are, our Coffee and Tea cheesecake is definitely up your alley! Look no further for the best cheesecake that will satisfy the most dedicated of caffeine lovers. 

All of our cheesecakes pair very well with a cup of coffee or tea, but with this rich and creamy cheesecake, you can enjoy a stronger kick for your mid-afternoon break.

Conjured with three parts Arabica coffee to seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea, Cat & the Fiddle seamlessly transforms the traditional yuan yang beverage (coffee and tea blend) into a stupendous double-decker cheesecake. It’s absolutely genius! Robust and pronounced in flavour, we’ll have our caffeine fix in a slice of this over a cuppa Joe any day, thank you very much.

Approximately 7" and 18cm / 900g / 10 slices