the Creamy Horlicks

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our Horlicks Cake is luscious cheesecake composed of the familiar malty goodness of Horlicks – a drink many of us grew up with as part of their childhood in Singapore. Mums and grandmothers would serve up a hot cup of Horlicks as breakfast, teatime and bedtime drink. The recognisable flavour is bound to bring back wonderful memories for many Singaporeans.

Revel in the rich malty goodness of Horlicks mixed into a delicate cream cheese, sweetened with condensed milk and sitting on a tasty biscuit base, topped with another decadent heap of white chocolate flakes to make the perfect nostalgic cake for your senses.

If you grew up in Singapore, this indulgent treat is one that is not to be missed! 

Approximately 7" and 18cm / 1kg / 10 slices