the Juicy Mango

$72.00 + free shipping

If you love mangoes, you will surely be enticed by this majestic mango cheesecake.

This cheesecake is also alcohol-free!

Decorated all around with curls of shaved white chocolate for an elegant touch, The Juicy Mango is the creme de la creme of mango cakes in Singapore. It leverages the fruity taste of mangos and the rich texture of cheese to find a harmonic blend of sweet and savoury flavours that absolutely mouth-watering. Beneath the vivid yellow mango glaze is an airy cream cheese mixed with mango puree for a burst of tropical flair, while nestled within are a boozy surprise: finger-sponge biscuits. So refreshing that it’ll leave you hankering for more.


Approximately 7" and 18cm /900g / 10 slices