the Lemon & Yuzu

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Are you a fan of tangy citrus flavours? If the answer is “yes”, you would definitely want to indulge in Yuzu lemon cheesecake!

Tangy and refreshing yuzu cake invigorated with notes of lemon to balance the rich texture and flavours of the cheesecake for a unique gastronomical experience unlike any other.

Like sunshine on a rainy day, this Japanese-inspired cheesecake is positively invigorating. Evenly imbued into the silky cream cheese, the vibrant, citrusy tang of yuzu and lemon will have your tongue tingling with every bite. Light in texture, but concentrated in flavour, it won’t be surprising if you’re unable to stop at one slice. The perfect yuzu lemon cake for Singapore’s temperamental weather, enjoy this tasty dessert on a sunny day.

Approximately 7" and 18cm / 900g / 10 slices